Yanni Tour
This is the tour schedule of the Yanni tour in 2003.  It was a long tour and the best thing for me was just trying to play the music and re-invent it every night.  It was very challenging and also hard to count.  That’s a Yanni band inside joke.  All of that music is in odd times...so no sleeping on the job.

Karen Briggs - violin soloist                                Pedro Eustache - saxophone / flute - soloist

Violins - Armen Movsessian (P) soloist - Robert Berg - Samvel Yervinyan - soloist - 
Erika Walczak - Kristen Autry 
Viola - Ilona Geller - Yevgenig Mechtovich            Cello - AlexanderZhiroff - Sarah O’Brien
Harps - Victor Espinola

Winds - 
Trumpets - Ramon Flores - Kerry Hughes          Trombone - Wendell Kelly
Horns - James Dean Mattos - Kristin Morrison    Oboe - April Cap

Rhythm -
Drums - Charlie Adams - soloist                          Didgeridoos - David Hudson
Keys - Bradley Joseph - Ming Freeman               Dulcimer - Dan Landrum
Bass - Ric Fierabrachi  Michelle Amato               Percussion - Walter my.earthlink.netRodriquez

Vocals - Alfreda Gerald - Michelle Amato