The Studio One Band
The Studio One Band is made up of some of Los Angeles’ top studio musicians.  Their debut was on the Howie Mandel Show on CBS June of 1998.

The Studio One Band together have backed up many artists from Wayne Newton, Michael Crawford to Nancy Sinatra and Dolly Parton.  Their live CD is a repertoire of music including many pop, swing and jazz tunes.  There are also selections backing up vocal artists as well as TV and film themes.  Every musician in the band is an arranger and composer.  Separately the musicians have played with just about every artist in the business.  They have recorded on Television,m Film, CD’s also Live and numerous jungles and studio work. The Musicians in the Studio One Band are:

Steve Goldstein - bandleader - keyboards - comp. / arr.
Stan Sargeant - bass - vocals - comp. / arr.
Steve Carnelli - guitar - vocals - comp. / arr.
Kevin Cloud - drums - vocals - comp. / arr.
Wendell Kelly - trombones - vocals - comp. / arr.
Lee Thornburg - trumpets - vocals - comp. / arr.
Doug Walter - saxophones / woodwinds / keyboards - comp. / arr.