Small Group Jazz
1.    A Child Is Born                          Tbn & Tenor w/rhythm
        Thad Jones is so musical that when I heard this the first time I just about cried.
        Well this arrangement is full of counterpoint between the two horns and the
        harmony just can’t make you go wrong.  

2.    Bebop                                          Tbn & Tenor w/rhythm  or  2 Trombones
        Hal Crook roared in the bebop tune that will make your combo swing it’s 
        way into a gig..

3.    Bradley's Revenge                    Tbn & Tenor w/rhythm

        Oh that Tom Garvin.... this tune is especially challenging with it’s changes.  
        I love it.. and you will too.

4.    The Duke                                    Tbn & Tenor w/rhythm   or  2 Trombones

        Dave Brubeck is a great player writer and musician.  This tune is nothing but cool.
        He is a jazz gem to write such a swinger.  Changes are great for the challenging
        for the seasoned jazzer.

5.    Ebullition                                    Tbn & Tenor w/rhythm    

        That Tom Garvin did it again.  Now this one will show you either in or out the door.      
        Keep it’s wingin and if you blow on this you will be challenged.

6.    Inchworm                                   Tbn & Tenor w/rhythm  or  2 Trombones

        Hans Christian Anderson will probably smile for this little gem put into jazz.  It gives
        a player a different kind of time to blow over.  It’s in 5 so give it a shot and I think
        you will like it.

7.    Me 'n Jangles                            Tbn & Tenor w/rhythm  or  2 Trombones

        This was made famous in the Trombone Summit album.  Watrous and Jiggs really 
        tore this a new one and you will too.  It’s great.  

8.    Rip Off                                       Tbn & Tenor w/rhythm  or  2 Trombones

        Trombone Summit made some gems and this is no exception.  This is funky and 
        totally challenging to anyone that loves to get their funk on.  Time, funk, blowing, 
        and style... how can you go wrong.

9.    Siesta Key                                Tbn & Tenor w/rhythm  or  2 Trombones

        This is just a way to have fun with any tune.  If you want to make it really fun, play 
         the head as a solo and slip and slide and make it just about as funky as you want. 
         Do it!
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