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1963  Born: July 27th St. Joseph Hospital in Orange California

1963  Lived on Marine Corps Air Station El Toro CA

1965  Moved to Santa Ana California

1968  Attended Benjamin Franklin Elementary School - Santa Ana California

1969  Started playing piano and guitar

1971   Attended Santiago Elementary School - Santa Ana California

1974  Attended Spurgeon Intermediate School - Santa Ana California

1976  Attended El Rancho Junior High School - Anaheim Hills California
          started playing bassoon, baritone horn, trombone

1977  Chosen to play in the Orange County Unified School District Honor Band 

1978  Joined the Santa Ana Winds Youth Band

1979  Traveled Europe with the Santa Ana Winds

1979  Attended Canyon High School - Anaheim Hills California
          began arranging and composing for jazz band

1981  Graduated From Canyon High School and attended Fullerton College - Fullerton California

1981  Started his Professional career playing in clubs, churches and local bands and orchestras

1982  Began Studying with Roy Main

1984  Chosen to play in the California State Junior College All-Star Jazz Band

1985  Graduated Fullerton College
          also received certification in Studio Engineering under Alex Cima
          began teaching private students, instructing school brass sections and conducting clinics
          *recorded several albums with Fullerton College - " Time Tripping " - " Love Ya " 
          " Primarily   Jazz " - " Unforgettable " 

1985  Attended California State University at Long Beach for undergraduate - Long Beach California

1986  Joined the American Federation of Musicians

1990  Attended University Of Southern California for Masters Degree - Los Angeles California