SMP Inc. Services
Digital Recording Studio  
Scenario uses Digital Performer for it’s recording needs.  Various microphones are available on request.  Special orders please make in advance.  This Digital performer system is compatible with Pro Tools and most other digital formats.  Recording and Mastering done in studio.  Rates are very reasonable and negotiable depending on the project.      
Composing & Arranging 
We provide all services for your composing, arranging & music copying needs. E-mail or or call for special needs.  Please refer to to the Composing & Arranging page.
Musician & Music Group Contracting
Full references for any event are available from single musicians up to full groups.  Give us a call and we will accommodate all of your needs when it comes to booking groups and musicians.  
Event Planning
We can help you plan any event as well as start it from the ground up.  Our full staff of planning professionals can help any event be a successful one.
Music Clinics ( Instrumental and The Business ) 
Finding good instructors and clinicians for your students can be very difficult.  give us a call, we will find the best clinicians for you on any subject when it comes to music.  We specialize in clinicians that can also demonstrate their expertise on virtuosity on their respective instruments.  Our speakers are dynamic informative and friendly. 
Musician Referrals 
We can put you in touch with just about anyone that you want.  Many professionals call Scenario Music Productions Inc., to help them recommend single musicians and to find who would be the best person for the job.  Let us help.  
Cassette - LP to CD transfer 
Don’t throw away all of your cassettes just yet.  We can transfer them over to CD and make good covers for them that will last forever.  So give us a call, we know you still have them lying around.  Yes we do LP’s also.  So put them in a box and head on over. 
Instrumental Music Lessons
Want to learn how to play an instrument.  Just let us know.  We will put you in contact with the best teachers around.  Theory lessons are also available.  
Vocal Styling Lessons 
This service is for singers that are on their way and want to improve.  Learn to stylize like the big stars.  This system is based on style developed from instrumental playing.  the best singers usually try to sound like an instrument so check out this system.  You will sound better instantly.
Video Editing
Bring all of those VHS tapes and transfer them into the digital realm.  Making DVD’s out of all those old tapes is the only thing that can save them.  
We can add titles and music to any old tape as well as your digital video 
camera recordings.  Save all those old home videos and edit them with style.
Audio Editing
Along with transferring cassettes to CD we can edit CD’s and dupe them back onto to CD and never lose quality.  If you have a special medley or mix that you want put together we can do that too.  This is a big draw with dance teams and special events where the music has to fit to cues and video.  
Music Consultant 
Need help with your musical needs.  Give us a call and we can set you straight.  We send out our staff professionals to help you from the studio to on site events.  
Music Coordinator 
Putting it all together can be a bit complicated.  Let us help you get all of your musical juggling needs in line.  We have experience in Film and TV.  
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