Private Lessons
This section is for those curious about taking lessons and teaching lessons. Here is a list of subjects and lists that need to be taken into account in this subject. As a student one must know what he is getting into as well as the instructor. 

Both jobs need to be taken seriously. Taking lessons is a passing on of experience and knowledge from one person to another. The student must understand that the instructor although getting paid for his instruction, is by no means being compensated properly for his experience and knowledge. An instructor has to want to teach and a student has to want to gain the knowledge of the instructor. This is a relationship.  If one of the parties is weak or is not doing his part, the student will not learn and the instructor will be frustrated and will lose interest in the student.

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The Value Of The Private Lesson
This is an article on the value of taking lessons.  Lesson are the one thing that no student of music should avoid.  There are many things that can be learned by practicing on ones own.  Knowledge can also be gained through experience. But through private lessons, they both can be attained more efficiently and faster.
Practicing More Efficiently
This is an article which will give an instrumentalist tips on how to get more 
out of a practice session.  Use your time wisely.
The Lesson Plan
This is a list that can be used as a tool to keep the student and teacher focused on the topics covered in the private lesson
Private Lesson Contract
This is a contract that makes the student and teacher aware of his responsibilities. This contract is an agreement that makes the private lesson a serious endeavor.