Pop Instrumentals
1.     Thriller     
      This tunes still scares me.  It is funky and will thrill anyone that listens. 
       It will take     you back to the day of when tunes were written for a reason.  
      This tune can be danced to as well as played for special affect.  
      Too bad Vincent Price is not here to do the vocal.  Maybe you can?  Check it out.

2.    Cold Sweat      

       I did arrangement before I ever met James Brown.  Now that it’s out 
        it’s on.This     brings the Godfather of Soul alive on any stage.  This is got 
        groove and will funk you to death.  It’s got room for open solos.  Seriiiiiooouu!

3.    Sir Duke   

       There is no way you can’t dig this.  Stevie, back in the day reminds you why
        he is here in this day.  Get it - play it - love it.  

4.    Keep Me Hangin’ On   

       The Supremes nailed this hip shakin’ tune.  Motown is never a bad thing.  
        I am just letting you know this one rocks hard from the beginning to the end.  
        It leaves no butts in the seats.  

5.    I Got You ( I Feel Good )     
      This tunes is James Browns biggest hit EVER!.  If you don’t know it, you are not 
       from earth.  This one is without a doubt the funkiest James.  To play it gives 
       the listener a head bobing experience that will not believe.  Get this one if 
       you get anything at all.  HEH!!!!! 

6.    Blues For Mr. Pushups - Wendell Kelly ( original )     
        This blues shuffle has a catchy melody with a fun open blowing section.  Just a head             
        chart and some not so usual 16 bar blues.  This one is so fun you want to blow all 
        night.  It great for any situation.

7.    Chameleon
       Just sit back and funk.  Herbie just is about the funk and the improv.  Just play it and 
        blow.  There is a horn soli that if you can hang - knock it out.  

8.    Chump Change     

       If you remember this one... I am scared of you.  This was the theme to the Bill Cosby 
       Show back in the 70’s.  It’s so happening you will not believe it.  Take a listen and I
       guarantee you it will be in your repertoire and you won’t be able to stop playing it.
       Yea there’s room for blowing too!  So much funk and so much soul.  

9.    Wenstan’s Groove   

       This is just a head a blow.  It’s the kind of tune that all you have to do is bring it on
        and blow.  I think when you start this one everyone is going to want to blow.  
        Jam on it.. 

8.    Hangin’ With Mr. Bar-B-Que - Wendell Kelly ( original )   

       This is an original that once heard you will have your alto player doing his thing.  
        It’s funky it’s harmonic it’s danceable if you got those kind of skills.  But mostly it’s 
        a groove that will take you to the ground.  check it out and I guarantee you it will
        be in your repertoire forever.  AudioClips.htmlAudioClips.html
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