Marching Band
1.     A Christmas Medley - Wendell Kelly
       This is a medley of christmas tunes to make any marching
        band sound very joyous and in the spirit from the street to the concert hall. 

2.     Looney Tunes - Wendell Kelly
        You grew up with them and here they are.  Those crazy tunes and cartoons
        have come alive in this medley. 

3.     Chicago / Medley - Wendell Kelly
        Free , 25 or 6 to 4, Make Me Smile, Your My Inspiration, Hard To Say I’m Sorry
        These are the favorites of the Chicago Band.  So what else but to put them to             
        Marching Band.  They are great for a field show as well as a the stands.  
4.     Sly & The Family Stone / Medley - Wendell Kelly
        Stand,  Everyday People, Hot Fun In The Summer Time is what
        made this band a 70's icon and the party band of that time.  
        This would be a great show.
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