Jazz Vocals
Big Band

1.     Why Not?      $60   
       This is Michel Camilo at his best.  This full big band monster is incredible.
       The Manhattan Transfer nailed this vocal hit.  This is a Latin favorite and
        it is on fire.    

2.    Loverman        $60

       You can’t have a jazz vocal without Billy Holiday and here signature tune.  
       This ballad is not only lush but has a spot for a nice solo and then swings through 
        the bridge to end as it started, beautiful and mysterious.
        - big band w/expanded woodwinds and horns.  also available for smaller ensembles


1.    Use All Of Your Senses     $55

       This is a latin feel tune that is only for the most advanced.  
        It is full of great harmonies and will test even the best of vocalists.  
        When you listen to it it is as smooth as you can get vocally.  
        Give it a try you will love it and awe your listeners.

2.    Inchworm     $55

       This Hans Christian Anderson favorite would even make Danny Kaye 
        whistle it again.  This is a odd metered tune has jazz all over it.  It will 
        swing in this meter like never before.  In 5!  Oh yea this one works. Order Forms Back