Jazz Improvisation & Style
This page is for Jazz Improvisation and the different aspects of it. In order to practice improvisation, one must be aware of the tools and the vocabulary. Tools and vocabulary are the two things in jazz that will take years to develop.
In order to be an improvisor, discipline is in the upmost forefront of development. One cannot learn to improvise over night. Improvisation takes a great knowledge of chords, scales, and melodic development. The ability to develop the skill, style and one's own voice is the goal of the jazz improvisor. Let us not forget the natural gift of being able to hear (good notes) and to relate them and play them on your horn spontaneously. Below are a few articles and lists which will give you an idea of some of the tools, tips and ideas to add to your practice and development as an improviser.

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Melodic Development
Constructing A Solo
Improvisational Tools
Transcription Tips
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