Playboy Jazz Festival - Hollywood Bowl, CA  page and link
This is the legendary Festival put on every year by Playboy Enterprises.  Hugh Hefner usally attends or makes an appearance.  I have actually had the pleasure of being there when he is being escorted with one of 

Fujitsu Concord Jazz Festival - Japan  
I played the festival with Frank Capp & the Juggernaut Orchestra. We also recorded a CD with a Japanes artist vocalist.  This was also a festival that toured to a few cities in Japan.  The bus ride was filled the some of the best musicians in the world.  Check out the photos and also some of the cats on the tour.   

Valley Music Festival - Solvang, CA  
This Festival was incredible.  It was with David Crosby and the CPR band.  This was in Solvang at the Festival Theatre.  It was to benefit Music and Arts in the Santa Ynez Valley Schools.  It was amazing two days of music and fun.  David and his wife were the greatest hosts.  I met one of the producers K.C. Murphy Thompson there and she has been a great connection and friend ever since.  Great job you guys......

Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival -
Jakarta, Indonesia   Link
This is one of the new festivals in the world that is becoming legendary in it’s own right.  I had the opportunity to play with several acts my first time there.  I also got to meet some of my heros there.
George Duke, Liz Wright and none other than James Brown were there to awe the audiences at the festival.  I think I broke a festival record.  I played with 5 groups that weekend.  Al McKay Allstars, Eric Benet, Jeff Kashiwa, Michael Paulo and Indonesian artist, Ruth Sahanaya.  What a week!

Santa Cruz Jazz Festival - Santa Cruz, CA   Link
This festival I attended when I was in college while attending CSULB.  I was the clinician there for two days and this was a lot of fun and also informative.  I love doing clinics, the students are always great.  

Orange County Art & Jazz Festival - Fullerton, CA  
Orange County does not have many festivals that are professional but this one was great.  My jazz quintet was one of several acts that weekend.  There were a lot of local acts and also many festivities that made it a success.

Fullerton College Jazz Festival - Fullerton, CA   Link
The biggest west coast college festival in a two day competition is here.  I not only helped run the festival as a student when attending Fullerton College but I also had the pleasure of attending the festival and participating with CSULB and USC.  years later I had the incredible honor of being one of it’s clinicians for 3 years.  I also played in the faculty jam which was always a lot of fun to get together with other clinicians and instructors to blow. 

Chaffey College Jazz Festival - Upland, CA   
Although this festival does not exist anymore it was always one of the most fierce competitions in all of the festival circuit.  When you went to Chaffey you knew that some of the best bands were going to bring their “A” game.  I attended this festival with FJC and we were awesome.  Thanks guys.  

Berkeley Jazz Festival - Berkeley, CA  
There were more bands at this festival than you could shake a stick at.  Ok.. corny but true.  This festival had participants all over the west coast.  It was incredible.  The judging was harsh and the weekend was always extraordinary.  At night the festival always had some of the best Jazz artists in history.  I was there and saw Gil Evans and meeting more of my heros.  I also saw the Terrance Blanchard Donald Harrison Quintet.  I attended this festival with Fullerton College bands and also CSULB.  

Santa Barbara Jazz Festival - Santa Barbara, CA  Link 
( Jazz soloist award )

If you have never been to Santa Barbara you need to go and then to have a festival to attend on top of that? Well? needless to say.. fun.  I attended this festival with USC Jazz Band #2 the one that swings.....  We won the festival and received high awards for the soloists.   We were even missing a memeber and still got busy.  Well I guess the judges heard the part anyway....through jazzmosis.  

Costa Mesa Fish Fry Festival - Newport Beach, CA  Link
I had the pleasure of playing this with the great Chris Whynaught a Blues  vocalist and saxophone player.
He brought along the 3 piece horn section to add to his already slamming band.  Check him out on Bad Daddy Records.  you can hear some clips in the audio section of the site.

Los Angeles Jazz Festival - Los Angeles, CA  
I had the distinct pleasure of playing this festival with The Buddy Colette Big Band.  It was great. 

Queen Mary Jazz Festival - Long Beach, CA  
This Festival was with CSULB Jazz Ensemble.  I really liked this festival.  Not only did I play in it for a Battle of The Bands competition and also go to again see and meet some of my heros.  The atmosphere of this festival made this one of the best i ever attended.  

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