Composing & Arranging
Welcome to my composing & arranging page.  Here you can find many arrangements of all kinds that you can purchase as well as order an arrangement to be done especially for you and your group.  So take a look at some of my lists. 

The following compositions and arrangements 
may be ordered and purchased. 
Original compositions and Special arrangements 
may be requested.  
Call for quotes for special arrangements 714-573-2471 
If you know your order simply click on Order Form 
or e-mail below for special instructions
or click the Payment Center button.

Big Band
Concert Band
Marching Band
Pop Band / Top 40
Brass Band ( New Orleans Style )
Horn Lines ( Pop / R & B)
Jazz Vocals
Small Group Jazz
Brass Quintet
Trombone Music
Trombone Transcriptions
Original Tunes
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