It has been my pleasure to have played on so many great CD’s for so many artists.  I hope to continue the pleasure in the future.  Thanks to all involved in each and every project.   Stevie Wonder       The Rippingtons          Angela Via         Al McKay Allstars        Ray Conniff     
   ‘ A Time 2 Love’                   ‘Live in LA’                                                       ‘E,W & F Experience’         ‘S’Always Conniff’                   Perry La Marca          Richard Smith            Clint Black             Clint Black              Phil Walker
‘Hopelessly Romantic’           ‘Bella Firenza’              ‘Christmas With You’       ‘Greatest Hits II’              ‘Passion Thing’     Gap Band                Joey Tafolla           Mark Portmann        Buffalo Tom           Bill Watrous
‘Y2K Funkin’ 2000’                   ‘Plastic’                    ‘Driving Beverly Hills’            ‘Smitten’                   ‘Space Available’   Jeff Kashiwa              Rusty Zinn              Tony Danza            LionelRichie       PeeWee & Michiko       
‘Remember Catalina’            ‘Zinfidelity’                 ‘The House I Live In’           ‘Renaissance’                  ‘Joy Express’   Ken Tamplin         Chris Whynaught         Fionna Apple          Max Jarman           Patti La Belle    
  ‘We The People’        ‘Heard Him On The Radio’      ‘When The Pawn’            ‘Movie Classics’           ‘Classic Moments’              Frank Capp             Craig Horton             Craig Horton          Ray Conniff             Talya Ferro   
   Play It Again Sam              In My Spirit          Touch Of The Bluesman   I Love Movies     Harlem Haunts My Mind       Ninsun Poli                Dancing For The Kingdom          Charles Rutherford     Raya Yarbrough        
         For Real                                Zawameki 10                                   Reunion                   
     Perry La Marca           Alan Hewitt            Patti LaBelle    Steve March Tormé     Randy Jackson
        First Love                 Metropolis             The Gospel      Torme´ Sings Torme´       Music Club
                                                                    According To..
   HOME Christine Rosander      Dave Wells                Gym Class Heroes  
      Smooth Ride        A Deeper Shade Of Blue                   The Quilt