Brass Band 
New Orleans Style!!
 Brass Band Favorites
1.    Chameleon
      This Herbie Hancock standard has been synonymous with funk.
       This arrangement is a great example on how to make the street groove
       of the brass bands legendary.
2.    Take It To The Streets
       Rebirth at its best. This simple head chart is fun easy and
       grooves like no other.   This is a must have.
3.    Charlie's Dozen
       Dirty Dozens minor blues groove is a challenge to any brass band.
       This is a serious slower funk groove that takes no prisoners.
4.    Second Line / Use Your Brain
       How 'bout some fun?  This Second Line teaser is an intro to the 
       more serious groove of Use Your Brain.   This is the New Orleans street 
       music at its best.
5.    Walkin'
       Talk about a standard. This tune is a great vocal to have in the bag.  
       It's fun and handy for any brass band.
6.    Caldonia / Flip Flop & Fly , Ragg Mopp
       You can't have fun unless you have Louis Jordon.  This medley of tunes 
       is a way to get the crowd happening.
7.    Shake Your Body
       Jackson Five on the street.  The crowd will party and dance to this pop
       icon bands most celebrated dance tune.  If you want to dance, get this.  
8.    Inside Straight
       It's a little outside and a little funky.  Its a happy march tune
       that is a parade standard.  A head chart delight.

Original Arrangements


1.     Thriller
        Michael Jacksons thriller is a sax feature that will scare you
        into a groove.  Dance to this great tune anytime not just
        at Halloween,  It's just a Thriller!!!!
2.     Caravan
        Juan Tizol knew what he was doing when he wrote what has 
        become a latin jazz standard.  This has a funky groove to it,
        that will show off the band.
3.     I Wish
        Stevie and his hits have now gone to the street.  This
        pop standard is a groove and a half.  You know this one.
4.     Cumbanchero
        As far as traditional latin music, this tune goes back a ways.  
        This arrangement has put the funk into the latin and will
        challenge the band and groove the crowd.  Dance, Dance, Dance.
5.     Let's Dance
        The great trunpeter Tom Brown is alive and well in this simple
        head tune ready for solos , dancing and funkiness.
6.     Lady Madonna
        This is the Beatles hit but with a groove that makes this a brass band
        favorite.  It's the Brecker Brothers meets the Dirty Dozen.



1.      Angels We Have Heard On High
        This is a march style brass band rendition with a cool groove in a minor mode.
        The caribbean flavor adds the joyfulness to this traditional christmas tune. 
2.      God Rest Ye Mambo Gentlemen
         You can't sit down when it comes to this mambo flavored arrangment. 
         I know your thinkin' mambo?  Oh yeah!  This grooves.
3.      Have Yourself A Funky Little Christmas
         Yes, its a funky christmas when you play this.  Starting with the bass
         setting up the groove, one cannot help but get into the christmas 
         spirit when you hear this.
This is the New Orleans Brass Band style that has become very popular
in the past 10 years. These traditional street bands are great for any
band that wants to have fun and make any crowd party . 
Some of these arrangements are transcribed and rearranged from  
The Dirty Dozen and
Rebirth Brass Bands.
The Instrumentation is 2 trumpets Tenor Sax,Trombone,
Baritone Sax, Tuba, and Drums. Order Forms Back