Here is a list of books and that I think are pertinent to Music and Trombone Playing.  Feel free to add to the list.  So e-mail me. Currently Under Construction
- Standard Books For Study - 
- Jazz Books Recommended Reading -
- My Books -
This category is a comprehensive list of text books for trombone that I have studied and recommend highly. There are many books of study, and I have read through many of them. This list is a good cross section of books without getting repetitious. No book covers it all, although the Arbans book tries to. This section is broken down into 4 categories.
(1) Standard books for study. As you will see, these books are for basic fundamentals and all around technique for the trombone.
(2) Jazz. This is a compilation of different jazz method books including the play along and other related techniques for the development of jazz improvisation and techniques.
(3) These books are recommended to help the brain not the chops. We must remember that the most difficult part of playing many times is not the physical part, but the mental. This is overlooked and must be understood in order to master oneself and the art of performance.
(4) My books. In this section are my books in progress to be published soon.

Books For Study
(Standard books)

Arbans - (Carl Fischer)
This is the so called Bible of Brass Books. There are various exercises in this book which can be made into individual lessons. Use this as a start for a certain technique which can be later augmented with other books on the subject.
Schlossberg - (M.Baron Co.)
This has been a standard for years. This book has various lip slurs and exercises which are excellent for overall sound and embouchere control.
Melodious Etudes - Vol. I - III (Carl Fischer)
These volumes are the standard for trombone excellence.
The beauty of these books is that they are lyrical and use music to apply all the techniques of study
Blazhevich Clef Studies - MCA Music
This book is excellent for etudes as well as the clef study. The switching back and forth of the clefs keeps one fresh and on their toes throughout
Blazhevich Clef Studies Duets - Kalmus Wind Series
This book keeps the etudes going as well the clefs but using the duet 
format to use with another for consistency and performance
V. Coronette Method for Trombone - ( Cundy-Bettoney Co. Inc.)
In the Etudes part of this book, one can use this for sightreading practice. Set the metronome at a tempo that is challenging so that it pushes the player to not quite play it correctly or feel confortable. Never practice or go back to see what you missed.
Mel Broiles - Trumpet (McGinnis & Marx)
This book is to practice reading treble clef Bb flat music (trumpet) This comes in handy
Lip Flexibility - Charles Colin (Charles Colin)
This book can be used as an augmentation to the Arbans
6 Cello Suites J.S. Bach (International Music Co.) Keith Brown
These suites are the standard in which smoothness and flexibilty can be conbined. Try to find a recording of the suites to play along with.
Virtuoso Studies-Dieppo/ Ostrander (Edition Musicus - New York)
This is an advanced book as a supplement to any etude book such as the Melodious Etudes
Orchestral Excerpts - various
One must know excerpts for audition purposes in the classical world. Find a book and collect the recordings of the pieces and learn them.

Jazz Books

Aebersold Records - (Jamey Aebersold Records)
  These volumes are an excellent source for learning tunes and playing over the cahnges all by your lonesome. This gives you a perfect opportunity to hack away in the shed.

David Bakers - How To Play Bebop Vol. I -II (Alfred)
  These books are excellent in the explanation of improvisation and helps to find the common thread between tunes and their relationship to one another. Excellent for memorization

How To Improvise - Hal Crook (Advance Music)
  This well thought out book is a method book ranging from beginning to advanced.

Doodle Studies and Etudes - Bob McChesney (Chesapeake Music)
  This book is and will probably be the standard in Doodle tongueing technique. This is an essential tool for the speed and sound of modern jazz trombone and advanced techniques

Patterns For Jazz - Coker (Studio PR Inc.)
  This book is great for learning chords and all the inversions 

Mel Bay's Mr. Trombone - the Kai Winding Method of Jazz Trombone Improvisation (Mel Bay Publications)
  This book gets into the the tricks of the trade which is what makes the style of the jazz trombone come to life, other than the individual talent and sound.

Trombonisms - Watrous Raph
  This book is also a book giving some of the tricks of the trade.  When it comes to modern
   jazzisms this is one of the books.

Coltrane: A Players Guide To His Harmony - Walt Weiskopf & Ramon Ricker 
  (Jamey Aebersold Publications)
  This book gets into the (outside) playing of one of the great jazz giants of all time. 
  Use this as a supplement to any method book in exploring jazz

Jazz Language - Dan Hearle
  This book gives one the standard language used in jazz- chords and scales.

Technique Development in Fourths - Ramon Ricker

Technique Development in Pentatonics - Ramon Ricker 
  (Columbia Pictures Publications)
  These are great for the development of other techniques used in improvisation other than scales.

My Books

Coming Soon!

The Professional Musician ( The Business - A Career - The Life ) - Wendell Kelly

Getting It Together - Wendell Kelly