Big Band
Blues For Mr. Pushups - Wendell Kelly ( original )                     
This blues shuffle has a catchy melody with a fun saxophone soli
and roaring shout chorus.  This highlights every section in the band
Solos for all instruments.  Great for Advanced High School and College
$55.        click for download example

Why Not ? - Vocal Group - ( The Manhattan Transfer )
This well known samba by Michel Camilo is a barn burner for any advanced group.
This is a transcription and arrangement from The Manhattan Transfer album
Arranged for 4 piece vocal group or more.  Also available for big band soloist
Trumpet or Saxophone.  Let me know.
$55        click for download example

My Favorite Things - Instrumental
This Standard starts in 3 as a brass chorale, then swings in 4
Solo for Tenor Sax.  Good for advanced H.S. and College levels
$55        click for download example

Lady Madonna - Instrumental ( The Beatles )
This is a Brecker Bros. type funk arrangement of a Beatles Standard.
This is open for solos in the ensemble.   This is a challenge with many independent
contrapunctal lines.  Adv.H.S. - College level
$55        click for download example

Moments Notice - Instrumental
This John Coltrane Standard is a great feature for you tenor sax soloist
This is a challenging tune for any band.  Med - Adv. H.S.
$45        click for download example
Slide - Alto solo Instrumental- (Jeff Kashiwa )
This is a great funk tune composed by ex-Rippington Saxophonist 
Jeff Kashiwa.  This arrangement was commissioned by Jeff for his featured
clinic and performance with the Disneyland College Band.  This features alto
sax soloist and can be heard in its original form on Jeff Kashiwa's CD
Walk A Mile
$55        click for download example

The Wind Beneath My Wings - Solo Trumpet
This is a ballad and trumpet feature.  The solist must improvise and have a very good high range
This starts as a ballad and then swings with the full big band with saxophone soli
returning to a ballad.  This is a crowd pleaser and can also be done as a vocal.
 $55       click for download example

12 Piece Big Band
(These arrangements can be expanded into full big band add $10)

Artificial Flowers - Vocal ( Bobby Darin )
This Bobby Darin Standard is great for any vocalist.
It swings and is a great opener or closer.
Beyond The Sea -Vocal ( George Benson w/Basie orchestra)
Talk a bout a swinger, this is one is great
Transcribed from the George Benson CD 20/20

Intermission Riff #1&2 - #1 original #2 Sandu -Clifford Brown
This is a great was to segue into a break.  Play these and you'll send
the band out with a flare.  Advanced 

Loverman - Vocal
This lush vocal and Billy Holiday Standard is a great feature for 
a female vocalist.   There is a solo and swings on the bridge.
This is what a vocal is about. Med - Adv.

Mack The Knife -Vocal
This is another Bobby Darin Feature that is a standard 
for male vocalists.  Med - Adv.

Take the "A" Train
From beginning to end this standard swinger is a great feature for all soloists
This is a fun arrangement that makes every group roar.

Big Band + woodwinds 2 fl, 2 cl, 2 ob, bsn, bs cl, and 4 french horns

Loverman -Vocal
This is the same arrangement for big band with expanded woodwinds to give this
arrangement a very lush and warm sound.  
$75           click for download example
Stylistics Medley -Vocal group
Who can forget the Stylistics.  This is a medley of 3 of their greatest ballads.
This features a soloist-duet and vocal group.  This is very beautiful and lush
with the same instrumentation addition as Loverman.
$75           click for download example

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