Yamaha Closing Manufacturing
Dear Artists,
  You may have heard that Yamaha will be closing its manufacturing
operations in the United States on April 27. (The Grand Rapids Press,
February 07, 2007).  The story reports that all Yamaha manufacturing
will be moving to Asia.
  We want to assure you that Conn-Selmer has a continued commitment to
American manufacturing, as evidenced by our nine manufacturing
facilities in six states. Professional, step-up and student instruments
under the Bach, Selmer, C.G. Conn, Leblanc, Ludwig, Musser, Holton,
Armstrong, Martin, Vito, Emerson, Benge and Artley names continue to be
crafted in these facilities.  In fact, each of our facilities has been
on a multi-year journey, continually upgrading quality and efficiency
so that our American manufacturing prowess continues to not only be
competitive but superior to any competitive efforts from foreign
  We do import a variety of instruments from other sources, but you are
quite familiar with most of these: our historically close friends and
associates such as those from Leblanc-France (wholly owned by us),
Selmer-Paris and Yanigasawa. We also import some other instruments on
the extreme low end that are primarily sold on price.  These allow us
to compete at all price points and have actually helped us introduce
our U.S.-made instruments into markets that would not consider us
  We feel it is important for you to know these facts for two reasons. 
First, to assure you that the musical instruments you represent
continue to exude the quality and performance you expect.  (In fact, if
you have not experienced our most recent work, you will likely be
presently surprised!)  Second, we would like you to communicate this
information to your friends and associates that are not currently
Conn-Selmer artists. They may be concerned and disappointed at the
latest turn of events.  We think that they too will be quite pleased at
the professional instruments we are offering.
  Finally, for those Yamaha artists that are considering their options,
we will extend our endorsing artist discount to them in 2007 should
they wish to play one of our instruments exclusively and become a
Conn-Selmer endorsing artist. 
  Please let us know of any professional associates that may be
interested in choosing instruments from Conn-Selmer.
 Best regards,
 Jeff A. Perry
 Artist Relations Coordinator
 Conn-Selmer, Inc.
 600 Industrial Pkwy
 PO Box 310
 Elkhart, IN 46515
 Ph: (800) 348-7426 ext. 1692
 Fax: (574) 295 5405
Friday, March 2, 2007